Install Norton Security Suite

Follow these instructions to download and install the latest version of Norton Security Suite on the computer. To install Norton Security Suite on a different computer, log in to that computer and perform the below steps.

Download and Install the latest version of Norton Security Suite

  1. Go to the Comcast website.

  2. Click Get Norton Security Suite.

  3. Sign in with the Comcast user name and password.

  4. Click Start Download.

    In the Norton Download Manager window, under the Norton product, find the Service PIN and write it down.

  5. When the File Download-Security Warning window appears, click Run.

  6. Norton_Download_Manager.exe starts to download to the computer.

    When the Internet Explorer-Security Warning window appears, click Run.

  7. Norton Security Suite starts to download to the desktop.

    If the download is interrupted, there is a file on the desktop to double-click to start the download again.

  8. After the download completes, the installation starts automatically.

  9. Read and accept the User license agreement. Click Agree & Install.

    In the Thank you for choosing Norton Security Suite window, if you do not want to join Norton Community Watch, uncheck that option.

    By default, this option is checked.

  10. Norton Security Suite installation starts.

    Wait for the Norton Security Suite installation to complete.

  11. After the installation completes, the activation occurs automatically.

    If it does not, click Activate Now to start the Activation process. If prompted, type in the PIN you have written down.

  12. In the Name your Device window, enter a name for the device and click Activate.

  13. Wait for the Activation Complete message and close the browser window.

  14. In the Your service is activated window, click Done.

    The latest version of Norton Security Suite has successfully been installed and activated.


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