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Install Norton for Comcast Business customers

Comcast Business customers can now get Norton Internet Security Online with the Comcast service. The existing customers with Norton Business Suite can either continue to use it or switch over to Norton Internet Security Online. New customers are entitled to get only Norton Internet Security Online.

If you have Norton Business Suite already installed on at least one computer, then you can install Norton Business Suite with that PIN.

Install Norton Internet Security Online

  1. Go to Comcast Business webpage.

  2. Log on with your Comcast user name and password.

  3. Click Upware Marketplace.

  4. In the Marketplace window, under Categories, select Data Security.

  5. Under Featured Apps, select Norton Internet Security Online.

  6. In the Create Order window, select your product, and click Continue.

  7. In the Billing Details window, type the required information, and click Continue.

  8. In the Confirm Order window, verify the displayed information, and click Place Order.

  9. In the Order Receipt window, click Go to Applications.

  10. In the MyApps window, select Norton Internet Security Online.

  11. In the Norton Download Manager window, click Start Download.

    Note down the PIN for your Norton Internet Security Online product.

  12. Wait for the Norton Internet Security Online installation to complete.

  13. After the installation completes, the activation process starts.

  14. Wait for the activation to complete. After activation is complete, click Done.

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Last modified: 11/08/2018