Definition Updates are not current even after I download and install all available updates in Norton Security Suite or Norton Business Suite

This problem normally occurs due to incorrect computer date and time. To resolve this problem, correct the computer time, and manually update your virus definitions.


Check the date and time on your computer

  1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box.

  2. Type in the following text, and then press Enter.


  3. Check that the day, month, and year are correct.

    If the date is incorrect, change the calendar to the correct day, month, and year.

  4. Click Apply, and then click OK.


Update your Virus Definitions

  1. Go to the Intelligent Updater downloads page.

  2. Depending on your version of Windows, do one of the following:

    • For Windows (32-bit): Click the first file in the list under Filename. The file name starts with the year and ends with v5i32.exe. e.g. 20070828-017-v5i32.exe

    • For Windows (64-bit): Go to the 64-bit Platforms section, and click the first file in the list under Filename. The file name starts with the year and ends with v5i64.exe. e.g. 20090922-017-v5i64.exe

  3. Save the file to the Windows desktop.

  4. On the desktop, double-click the file that you saved.


Enable Auto-Protect at startup

  1. Start your Norton product.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under Detailed Settings, click Antivirus.

  4. On the Automatic Protection tab, under Real Time Protection, if Auto-Protect shows Off, click the slider to turn it On.

  5. Click Apply, and then click Close.

  6. Exit all the programs, and restart the computer.


Run Full System Scan

  1. Start your Norton product.

  2. In the main window, click Security, and then click Run Scans.

  3. In the Scans window, select Full System Scan and click Go.

  4. When the scan is finished, click Finish.

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Last modified: 03/22/2016