Error: "Incompatible host program. Session terminated" when I connect to a host in pcAnywhere 12.5

This problem occurs if you try to connect to a serialized or incompatible version of pcAnywhere.

Serialized versions of pcAnywhere are specifically written either for individual corporations or as OEM for specific hardware platforms or software packages. Examples of the latter include certain models of Hewlett-Packard computers, Symantec ACT!, and special releases of Symantec software such as the NAV Solutions CD. Serialized versions of pcAnywhere will only work with copies of pcAnywhere from the same serialization.

Support for serialized versions of pcAnywhere for corporations is the responsibility of the company that purchased the serialization. This includes the versions that ship with Hewlett-Packard computers. Serialized releases such as the ACT! and NAV Solutions CD are not supported by Symantec.

pcAnywhere 12.5 is compatible only with version 10.5 and later. Using trialware version of pcAnywhere host can also cause this problem. For more information about compatibility of pcAnywhere 12.5 with earlier versions, read: Compatibility between current and previous versions of pcAnywhere

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