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Disabling AFS driver

If you cannot find the conflicting program or if you cannot uninstall it, then check whether you have a file named afs.sys on your computer. This is an Audio File System (AFS) driver from Oak Technologies, and is found to be conflicting with the GEAR drivers. You can disable the AFS driver file by renaming the afs.sys file. Note that disabling the AFS driver may result in the loss of the CD recording functionality in the following programs:

  • HP Memories Disc Creator

  • Liquid Audio

  • Portal Player

  • Oak Technology SimpliCD

  • Broderbund's Print Shop version 20

Rename AFS driver file

  1. Start Windows Explorer.

  2. Navigate to the following location:


  3. Right-click the afs.sys file and select Rename.

  4. Change the file extension from ".sys" to ".txt"

    For example, if the file name is afs.sys, change it to afs.txt.

  5. Exit all programs, and restart the computer.

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Last modified: 05/20/2015