Configure the firewall for Norton Family

Ports, protocol, and file information

  • Use this information to create a firewall rule to allow Norton Family to access the Internet. For information on how to create a rule in your firewall program, read your firewall manual or contact the firewall maker.

    • Norton Family needs access to ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).

    • The protocol is TCP.

    • The file that accesses the Internet is:

      • Windows 10/8/7 or Vista or XP 32-bit:

        C:\Program Files\Norton Family\Engine\3.6.x.x\ccSvcHst.exe

      • Windows 10/8/7 or Vista 64-bit:

        C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Family\Engine\3.6.x.x\ccSvcHst.exe

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Last modified: 08/07/2017