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Error: 100 or (1973,100) "Malformed Request. This error has occurred due to an improper call to the server..."

This error may occur due to a temporary problem with the Symantec servers. Please wait for 24 hours and try activating your product again.

If you still see the message, then it may occur when you try to install or start the program on a second computer, not the one that you originally downloaded the installer on. You cannot just copy the product, or the product installer to a second computer. You must download and install the product on each computer that you want it installed on.

If your product came on a CD, then you must contact your service provider.

If you get this error on the computer that you downloaded the installer, then uninstall and reinstall your Norton product. Select one of the following that best describes your situation.

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DOCID: kb20090504154512EN_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X
Last modified: 09/04/2017