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Frequently asked questions about Norton product purchase

How do I select a product directly from Norton?

How do I pay for the purchase?

  • Norton Online Store offers the following payment type in your local currency:

    • Credit cards

    • Offline bank transfer

    • PayPal - currently available in Australia, Canada, Europe and Middle East Norton Online Store

    If you encounter any issues related to payment during the purchase, verify the following:

    • Credit card details - Credit Card number, Security Code, Expiry date and so on

    • Sufficient funds in the account for the purchase

    • Billing address as per bank statement

Will I be charged extra for international purchases?

  • Extra charges might be levied to you on use of international cards in Norton Online Store. These charges are subject to the exchange rate, mark up rate and any other charges your bank may choose to levy on international transactions. Kindly check your bank's exchange rate and markup policy before placing an international purchase.

How do I install my product after I complete the purchase?

  • If you renewed your subscription, your installed products will update with an active subscription.

    If you purchased a new product, you need to download it on all your devices. For instructions on downloading your purchase on one or more devices, see I want to download my Norton product on my device. Even if you are not sure, you can follow these instructions to make sure that you have the latest protection you have paid for.

    If your Norton product shows incorrect subscription date or about to expire when you have purchased a subscription, make sure that your purchased product is downloaded, installed, and activated on your computer.

    Go to the Services page, under Services select the product you want to download and click Download. You can also check your Norton product expiry date once you select the product.

    If you have a Norton account and don't remember the password, you can reset your password later and confirm your order.

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