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Norton Family support for browsers, search engines, social networking websites, and video hosting websites

For activity monitoring, Norton Family supports only the following web browsers, social networking websites, and video hosting sites.

Supported web browsers

  • Norton Family supports following web browsers to monitor web activity for your child:

    • Windows:

      • Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher

      • Mozilla Firefox (32-bit only)*

      • Google Chrome*

      • Microsoft® Edge(Monitor HTTP URLs only)

      *Supports current, the most recent and previous major release

    • Android:

      • Supports the default Android browser

      • Chrome for Android version 18.0.1025123 and higher

      • In-app browser

      • Kindle Silk browser on Kindle Fire tablets

Search engines (For PC only)

  • Norton Family monitors and records the search activities of your children on the following search engines:

    • Google*

    • Yahoo*

    • Ask*

    • Bing*

    • YouTube*

    • Blinkx*

    • Amazon

    • Hulu

    • AskKids

    • FactMonster

    • Craigslist

    • Wikipedia

    • eBay

    • Comcast Toolbar Search*

    • Baidu (supported only in Simplified and Traditional Chinese)

    • Sogou (supported only in Simplified and Traditional Chinese)

    • T-Online Sites (supported only in German)

    • Orange or Free (supported only in French)

    • Naver (supported only in Korean)

    *Uses Safe Search as well

Social Networking websites (Windows only)

  • Norton Family supports monitoring of activity of your child on following social networking websites:

    • Facebook

    • Mixi (supported only in Japanese)

    • Skyrock (supported only in French)

Video Hosting websites

    When your kids watch YouTube playlist in Chrome on Android phone or tablet, the address bar gets automatically hidden. In this case, Norton Family cannot monitor and report such individual playlist videos as separate activities. So, to get the best from Norton Family, ask your children to use Norton Family browser for the browsing activities on their mobile devices.

  • Norton Family monitors and records the video activities of your child on the following video hosting websites:

    • YouTube

    • Hulu

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Operating System:  Windows, Android
Last modified: 02/19/2019