Norton Utilities 14.0: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the differences between Norton Utilities 14.0 and Norton SystemWorks 12.0?

    Following features are exclusively available in Norton Utilities 14.0 only:

    • Defragment and repair the registry to help ensure programs open quickly.

    • Clean the registry to reclaim PC memory so you can work on multiple applications simultaneously.

    • Undo erroneous registry tasks or commands to avoid system errors.

    • Access to your Microsoft Windows and Computer Management settings from a single window.

    Following features of Norton SystemWorks 12.0 are not available in Norton Utilities 14.0:

    • Diagnose and fix hard drive problems.

    • Search disks for deleted files and recover them to their original state (available on XP only).

    • Defragment, clean, and rearrange the hard drive for optimized performance.

  2. Can I obtain Norton Utilities 14.0 as a free upgrade if I have Norton SystemWorks?

    No. Norton Utilities 14.0 is not available as a free upgrade to Norton SystemWorks.

  3. Norton Utilities 14.0 removed my temp files. How do I retain them?

    You can configure Norton Utilities 14.0 to exclude your temp files from the Clean Your Disks operation.

  4. Can I use Norton Utilities 14.0 and Norton SystemWorks together?

    Yes. You can install Norton Utilities 14.0 and Norton SystemWorks together.

  5. What are the differences between Norton 360 and Norton Utilities 14.0, and benefits of Norton Utilities 14.0 compared to Norton 360?

    Norton 360 delivers a full circle of protection across following categories of functionality:

    • PC Security: Industry-leading protection against a wide range of threats including viruses, spyware, hackers, and more. • Identity Protection: Secure login/password management and online fraud protection for shopping, banking, and other e-commerce transactions. • Network Management: Security status monitoring across multiple devices on both wireless and wired networks. • Backup: Automated storage and retrieval of photos, financial files, and music to either local or online backup destinations. • PC Tune-up: Computer optimization capabilities that keep PCs at top performance.

    Norton Utilities 14.0 offers a central location to perform the following system maintenance and optimization tasks:

    • Find and fix computer problems with one click • Prioritize startup applications to accelerate the system boot time • Reclaim system memory • Free up hard disk space • Speed up Microsoft® Windows® startup time • Benchmark your system performance

  6. I bought Norton Utilities 14.0 as a bundle product. Do I need it?

    Norton Utilities 14.0 provides the essential tools needed to optimize the performance of your computer. It finds and fixes common computer problems, frees up disk space, reclaims system memory, accelerates startup time, and boosts overall performance of the computer.

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