Norton Firewall in Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac unlocks automatically after you lock it

The behavior of Norton Firewall to unlock automatically after you lock it is a known aspect of the way user authentication is currently displayed in this product. This has caused some users to be concerned about the security of their firewall, since settings can potentially be accessed by an unauthorized user of your Mac account. This article is to address those concerns.

While the security of any application on your Mac is a concern, the main purpose of Norton Firewall is to prevent somebody from remotely accessing your Mac over the network. Firewall software cannot prevent someone from sitting down in front of your Mac and doing something malicious, such as disabling the firewall or tampering with other applications. Unfortunately, once a malicious user has physical access to your Mac that can't be prevented by a firewall.

The Norton Internet Security products, including Norton Firewall, have tamper protections in them - a rogue application cannot turn off a feature in the products. It also requires user intervention to change firewall settings. The other features in Norton Internet Security, such as File Guard, are designed for file and information security, and those features do require an administrator password for those reasons.

For the majority of users, the main interaction with the Norton Firewall settings would be configuring the settings by responding to alerts as network connections are detected. We would expect that fewer users would regularly open the Norton Firewall application to configure settings, as it would be tedious to have to enter your administrator password for every connection into your Mac.

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Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 10/28/2013