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Configure the backup settings in Norton Online Backup

Change the Norton Online Backup settings

  1. Sign in to the Norton Online Backup website using your email address and password.

  2. Next to the backup set that you want to change the settings for, click Settings.

  3. To change the computer icon, click Change Icon. Select the new icon and then click Apply.

  4. To change the computer name, next to the computer icon, delete the current name in the text box and type a new name.

  5. On the What tab, check the file categories that you want to back up.

  6. To add a new location to scan for the files to backup, under Online Backup Sources, click Add more sources.

    Browse and locate the folder or drive to add.

  7. To include specific file types from the backup, check Include File Extensions. In the textbox, type the file extension, and then click the + sign next to it.

    To remove any custom file extension that you have added already, click the red X icon next to the file extension.

  8. If you want to add specific files or folders to the backup, next to Additional Files and Folders, click Add Files or Add Folders. Browse and select the files or folders to add, and then click Open.

    To remove any specific file or folder that you have added to the backup, click the red X icon next to that file or folder.

  9. To create custom rules to include or exclude specific files or folders from the backup, next to Advanced Rules, click Add Rule.

  10. In the Add Advanced Rule dialog box, type the path of the folder followed by the wildcard character and the file extension. From the drop-down menu, select Include or Exclude, and click Add.

    e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\*\*.exe

  11. On the When tab, do one of the following:

    • To automatically run the backup at random times every day, select Scheduled, and then select Automatic (recommended) from the drop-down box.

    • To schedule the backup, select Scheduled and then select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly from the drop-down box.

      Depending on the scheduled time, select the day, date, or approximate start time that you want to run the backup on.

    • To manually run the backup, select Manual (use "Back Up Now" only).

  12. On the Other tab, move the slider to select the backup speed.

    Depending on the Backup Speed that you select, Norton Online Backup uses your network bandwidth.

  13. To receive Norton Online Backup alerts on the computer that you back up, check Send alerts to this computer.

  14. To download and install automatic updates for Norton Online Backup client on the computer, check Apply auto updates of Norton Online Backup to this computer.

  15. Click Save.

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Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X
Last modified: 08/13/2017