Internet browser status shows Not Installed when you configure Clean Your Disks in Norton Utilities 14.0/15.0

Supported Internet browsers for Norton Utilities 14.0/15.0

  1. Norton Utilities supports the following Internet browsers to clean the temporary files, history, cookies and Web form data:

    • Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0/8.0

    • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or earlier

    • Google Chrome 4.0 or earlier

    • Opera 9.0 or earlier

    • Safari 3.0 or earlier

  2. If your browser is not in the supported browsers list, Norton Utilities shows the status of the browser as 'Not Installed' in the Clean Your Disks options.

If your browser is in the supported browsers list and the status is shown as 'Not Installed', run Smart Update to ensure that you have the latest version of Norton Utilities.

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Last modified: 03/25/2013