Error: "Update Failed - Error: No Internet connection found" when you run Smart Update in Norton Utilities 14.0

Temporarily disable your firewall (for a brief test)

  1. Start the firewall program.

    Most firewall programs display a small icon in the area near the clock. Try right-clicking or double-clicking the program icon.

  2. Temporarily disable the firewall.

    Read the program's help or contact the program publisher's support for instructions.

  3. Start Norton Utilities and run Smart Update.

  4. If Smart Update ran successfully when your firewall was disabled, change the settings in the firewall program so that the program allows the following file to connect to the Internet:

    C:\Program Files\Norton Utilities 14\nu.exe C:\Program Files\Norton Utilities 14\Update.exe

    If you are not sure how to do this, contact the firewall program publisher. When you have changed the rule, enable the firewall and run Smart Update again.

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Last modified: 03/25/2013