Features of Norton Utilities 14.0

Norton Utilities™ provides the essential tools needed to optimize the performance of your PC. It finds and fixes common PC problems, frees up disk space, reclaims system memory, accelerates startup time, and boosts overall performance of the PC.

Key features and benefits

  • Registry Defragmenter

    Reclaims system memory and allow the programs to open faster so users can start working and playing right away.

    Registry Cleaner

    Ensures that all of the programs work smoothly without delay or hiccup.

    Startup Manager

    Reduces unnecessary waiting by speeding up the computer's boot time.

    Service Manager

    Gives the user easy access to Windows Services and advises the user which ones can be de-activated without doing harm to the computer.

    Disk Defragmenter

    Reorganizes and compacts the hard disk so the system is refreshed and can handle more work.

    Disk Cleaner

    Removes junk and clutter from a PC so it has more space for important files and data.

    Disk Bleacher

    Permanently purges unwanted files from the PC to prevent hackers accessing sensitive data later.

    Restore Center

    Prevents accidental erroneous or bad registry tasks from breaking the PC.

    System Optimizer

    Lets the user tweak the system settings to ensure the PC performs at peak level.

    Process Viewer

    Lets the user see which programs are taking up more memory so users can make adjustment and maximize performance.

    Performance Test

    Determines whether the PC is performing at its best by benchmarking it against similar PCs.

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