Creating a firewall rule to allow or block connections to and from specific computers in Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac

Create a firewall rule

  1. Start Norton Firewall.

  2. In the left pane, click Firewall Settings.

  3. In the Connection Blocking section, click Configure.

  4. In the Editing settings drop-down box, make sure that you select the appropriate location.

  5. In the View drop-down box, select Services/Ports.

  6. Click Add Service.

  7. In the New Service window, select Allow or Block.

  8. In the Service name drop-down box, select the service or port which you want to allow or block if listed.

    If the service is not listed, type a name for the service in the Service name text box, and then click Add.

  9. In the Edit Port window, type the port number details and click Save.

  10. If you want to enable logging, on the Logging tab, click Enable.

  11. If you want to enable notifications, on the Notifications tab, click Enable.

  12. Click Save.

    The newly added service will be listed in the Connection Blocking window.

  13. If you want to allow or block a service for specific computer, select the service and then click Edit. Add the IP addresses of the computers you want to allow or block.

  14. Depending on your requirements, you can allow or block incoming or outgoing connections for a service. In the Connection Blocking window, select the service and then select the Incoming or Outgoing tabs. Make the desired changes and then click Save.

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DOCID: kb20081208112531EN_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 10/24/2013