Error: "The user 'root' for this Linux machine cannot be used when no user is logged in at the Console."

The error message appears when you attempt to use the pcAnywhere 11.5 Quick Deploy and Connect feature to remote control a supported Linux computer and the Console is not logged on to the Root Desktop. To fix this problem, you must log on to the Console of the Linux computer as the "root" user before attempting to deploy the Linux Thin Host.

Log in as the root user on a Linux computer

  1. From the pcAnywhere Manager select Quick Deploy and Connect.

  2. Enter the IP Address of the supported Linux computer where you want to deploy the Thin Host.

  3. When prompted for login credentials, enter the user name and password other than the one for the "Root" user.

  4. Type the Root password when prompted for Root privileges.

    The user name "root" will already be filled in for Domain\user name.

  5. The computer will now log in to the Linux desktop of the "user" you supplied the user name/password for in line 3, and will copy the Linux Thin Host to the /root/pcADeploy folder, and then launch the Thin Host to allow a connection.

  6. If prompted for caller credentials, type in the username/password that you supplied in line 3.

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DOCID: kb20080529135221EN_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Linux
Last modified: 03/22/2013