How to determine the pcAnywhere host's IP address

The host's IP address is either static (does not change) or dynamic (changes from time to time). If you have a dynamic IP address, you will need the current address of the host each time you want to connect. For this reason, you may want to investigate a Domain Naming Service that can provide you with a static IP address. For more information, refer to the document: How to use pcAnywhere with a Dynamic IP Address or Domain Name Service.

Depending on your situation, follow the steps in one of the sections below to determine pcAnywhere host's IP address:


On a computer not using a router or Network Address Translation (NAT)

  1. Right-click the pcAnywhere icon in System Tray.

  2. Click Display Status.

    The IP address is displayed in the status dialog box. If there are more than one IP addresses displayed, then you have to experiment to determine which one to use.


On a computer using a router or Network Address Translation (NAT)

  1. The IP address that appears in the status dialog box will be the private IP address of the host. You must use a different method to get the routable IP address.

  2. Open Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

  3. Open the following web page to display your IP address:



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