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Error: "LU1801: LiveUpdate session canceled" or "LiveUpdate was unable to get your updates"

Select the exact error message that you receive:

LU1801: LiveUpdate session canceled. LiveUpdate was canceled. You should run LiveUpdate again later to retrieve any available updates

  1. Restart your computer.

  2. Start Norton.

  3. In the main window, click Security, and then click LiveUpdate.

  4. When Norton LiveUpdate is finished, click OK.

  5. Run LiveUpdate until you see the message, "Your Norton product has the latest protection updates."

  6. Exit all the programs, and restart the computer.

LU1801: LiveUpdate was unable to get your updates. The command line that launched LiveUpdate had a syntax error

  1. Download lusetup.exe.

  2. Save the file to the Windows desktop.

  3. After the download finishes, double-click the lusetup.exe icon on the desktop to install LiveUpdate.

  4. When prompted, click Run.

  5. In the LiveUpdate installer window, click Yes and then click OK.

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 08/24/2017