Error: "Unable to attach to specified device" when connecting to a host

This error can occur if pcAnywhere fails to make a connection to the host. There are several steps to troubleshooting this issue. The troubleshooting steps are broken down by cause. If a particular step does not apply to your situation, you can skip those sections:



    • You will see this error if the host uses a line that also has voice mail. You must either use a different line, or disable your voicemail.

    • You will see this error if the line the host is on requires you to dial an extension, and you haven't set up the dialing properties to account for one. You can modify the dialing properties to include an extension by adding commas. Each comma in the phone number will cause a pause of 2 seconds. An example would be 9,1-123-4567,,89. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for voicemail.

    • pcAnywhere should answer on the third ring. If you have set this to a higher number of rings, the remote may time out before the host answers the telephone.

    • If you have a fax machine on the same line, it may be picking up first. Turn the fax machine or other devices off.

Firewall or security software

  • A firewall or a security software installed on the host or remote computer can block the connection to the host computer. Make sure that your security software is not blocking the pcAnywhere application from creating or accepting the connection.

    If you use a firewall, make sure that you allow the connection to and from the pcAnywhere program in the firewall software. Also, make sure that the TCP/UDP ports 5631 and 5632 are not blocked by the firewall..


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