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I am an existing customer and I need help renewing or modifying my subscription plan

The simplest way to renew your protection is from your Norton product.

If you are looking for more features or planning to protect more devices, we recommend that you upgrade your Norton product when you renew your subscription. We offer subscription plans that would cover upto 10 devices including PCs, Macs, Smartphones, and Tablets and provide more features compared to your existing product.

Renew your Norton product

  1. Start Norton.

  2. On the bottom of the product window, click Renew.

  3. In the Norton Store page, do one of the following:

    • To extend your current subscription plan, choose to renew the Norton product

    • To add more features and devices to your subscription plan, select the upgrade offer

    • If you want to cover more devices and if you don't see an upgrade offer or if you have less number of devices to cover than what is offered in your current subscription plan, purchase a new product. Go to the support article to find out and purchase the Norton product and subscription plan that meets your needs

    Before you purchase a new subscription, you need to turn off Norton Automatic Renewal service for your current subscription.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you still need help renewing or modifying your subscription plan, contact Norton Support.

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Why do I see different prices for renewal and new purchase of the same product?

When comparing products, you should review the product features, subscription length, and the number of devices you can protect. The product price varies depending on which options you decide to purchase. You may see different prices for products with the same features when comparing certain special offers, offers in different regions, or offers from some retailers.

Do the days remaining on my current subscription get added to the new one?

When you purchase from the Norton Online Store, the new subscription days are added to your current subscription. The days carried-over begin counting from the day of purchase. If you purchase using another method, when you install your new purchase, the new days start and the old ones are lost. You should wait to install this type of new purchase until your current subscription is over.

The subscription from your previous product may not be carried over if you have purchased the product from the Symantec online store in China, Japan, Korea, or Hong Kong region.

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