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Compatibility of Norton Password Manager with Mozilla Firefox

The Norton Security Toolbar extension is replaced with the new Norton Safe Web extension.

What is new in the Norton Password Manager extension?

    • Norton Password Manager feature is now available as a separate extension and as an icon.

    • This add-on may be installed on any system with a Firefox browser. It does not require installation of a native Norton product.

    • Assisted login fills and auto-capture of Login items.

    • Credit card autofill for top sites.

    • Site icons added to the logins for top 1000 sites.

    • Login items can be edited only from the Norton product interface.

    • Supports Norton Password Manager vault item types such as addresses, payments, and notes.

    • Support for Wallet - Bank Account, Favorites are added in this release.

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DOCID: v115161915
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 11/04/2019