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Fix Norton Safe Email Product Errors

This article is intended to help you resolve product errors that you may encounter while using Norton Safe Email.

Select the product error and follow the instructions:

Message: "No subscription found"

This error will indicate whether or not you have an active subscription with Norton Safe Email. You will need to purchase one to secure your emails.

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Message: "Unexpected Error"

This is a temporary issue.
We recommend that you wait for some time and then click Try again. If the issue persists, close the product and relaunch it after some time.

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Message: "We didn't get your permission" while configuring your account

This error occurs when the required permission is not allowed when adding your email accounts.
You need to click on Edit Permissions and enable the last two dialog boxes (See and edit your emails, Read Compose, and send emails from your Gmail account).

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Message: "You've already added this email"

This email has already been added to this Norton Safe Email Account. Please try with another Email account.

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Message: "Another user already added this email"

The email has already been added to Norton Safe Email by some other user. Please try with another Email account.

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Message: "This Email Provider isn't Supported"

The Email Provider is not supported. Please try with any other supported Email Provider. To know about supported Email providers, read: Supported Email Providers monitored by Norton Safe Email

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Message: "Go online to use Norton Safe Email". Please check your internet connection and try again

This is a network Issue. Check the internet connection and try again.

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Message: Norton Safe Email dashboard state shows "Something Went Wrong"

Due to a temporary issue, the dashboard stats are currently unavailable. Please try after 24 hours.

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Message: Norton Safe Email tile shows "Issue Found"

Norton Safe Email Tile shows an Issue found when a password change is performed on the Email Provider.

To fix this issue:

  • You need to click on Fix Now on the Norton Safe Email Tile.

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  • Under Protected Email Accounts, click Allow Access and add the email account with the updated Email Provider password.

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