Turn on Norton Automatic Renewal service

You are enrolled in the Automatic Renewal service when you purchase Norton from the Norton Online store, or when you first set up Norton after purchasing from a retail store, or a Symantec affiliated online third-party website. You can also enable Norton Automatic Renewal by signing in to your Norton account or contacting Norton Support.

Verify and Turn on Norton Automatic Renewal service

  1. Sign In to your Norton account to verify if Norton Automatic Renewal service is enabled.

  2. On the top-right, click My Norton, and select My Subscriptions.

  3. In the Subscriptions page, next to the Norton product for which you want to enable Automatic Renewal, if the slider is towards ON, Automatic Renewal is enabled for your product.

    If not, move the slider to ON.

    Your Norton product will be automatically renewed during the next billing cycle.

    You must fill your billing details to enable Norton Automatic Renewal service.

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Last modified: 09/07/2017