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Update the Credit Card details

Update the Credit Card details

  1. Sign In to Norton to update your Credit Card details.

    If you do not remember your Norton account password, then click Having Trouble Signing In? and follow the on-screen instructions to recover your lost password.

  2. Under Billing Information, type in any information that you want to update.

  3. Click Save.

    "Update successful" message is displayed when you save the changes. A notification email is also sent to your registered email confirming the changes.

Country not listed when editing the billing information

  • The Country field's list under Billing Information varies depending on the country selected in the Norton account. This is usually selected at the time of account creation.

    If the Country field was not set or set incorrectly in the account, update personal information address field to correct country.

Credit Card Updater

    • Norton, like many other e-commerce companies, leverage secure technology that automatically updates credit card details such as expiration date changes, account number changes, account closures, brand migrations between Visa and MasterCard, and more.

    • This is done on a routine basis and pings the information that is provided by the issuing bank which is associated with the credit card per standard industry practices.


    • Reduce excessive authorization declines.

    • Reduce costs of manually updating payment data.

    • Reduce unnecessary customer interaction and risk of service cancellation.

    • Minimize staff contact with sensitive payment data.

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Last modified: 10/09/2019