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Features of Norton Online Backup

Key Features and Benefits

    • Files and folder search

      Search for specific files or folders in backup to restore or download

    • Advanced purge

      Delete unwanted data from your account

    • File versions

      Restore older versions of files from backup

    • Back up open files

      Back up files that are in use by other applications

    • Email a Restore set

      Allow delivery or sharing of a restore set by allowing the user to specify files for download

    • Progress updates

      Provides the list of files that are backed up and the backup status of each file

    • Automatic Backup

      • Saves time and effort by simplifying the process of protecting your digital files

      • Once setup is complete, your files are backed up automatically

      • Secures the files by category or folder (i.e. backup all photos or everything in a particular folder)

      • Shows backups performed, pending, and completed with the status tracker

      • Compresses data on the computer before transmission

    • Data encryption

      • Provides high-level data encryption to secure your data

    • Incremental backups

      • Performs block-level incremental backups for faster performance

    • Backup Multiple computers with a Single Norton Online Backup Account

      • Provides one central, secured Internet location for all your photos and files across multiple household computers

    • Remote Management and Access

      • Quickly restore lost or deleted files to any Web-enabled computer

      • Lets you remotely manage your backup settings for all your computers

    • Managed Off-site Storage

      • Delivered by the trusted leader in online file protection, currently securing data for millions of consumers online

      • Stores your files at multiple and secure physical locations to protect against accidental loss at any one facility

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DOCID: kb20091130134746EN
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X
Last modified: 11/08/2019