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Features of Norton Utilities Ultimate

Norton Utilities Ultimate is only available for Windows™ PC.

Key features

  • NetBooster lets you optimize your Internet settings to help boost the response time of your videos, downloads, games.

  • Network Scanner scans for devices on your network that could be using bandwidth causing network congestion so you can close them down.

  • Process Scanner scans for unnecessary usage of resources and shuts them down to help improve device response time.

  • Search & Recover lets you find and recover accidentally deleted files, such as documents or photos.

  • System Restore tool takes your computer's settings back in time before a bad update, program or driver was installed. System Restore will not change or remove your documents, photos, music, videos, or files.

Some of the other features available in Norton Utilities Ultimate are:

  • Advanced Uninstaller helps you to easily uninstall programs to help free up disk space.

  • All-in-One PC Cleanup cleans out Internet files to help improve your device's privacy and frees up drive space.

    • Internet Cleanup removes Internet junk files, private browsing data, and more.

    • Windows Cleanup removes Windows junk files, broken shortcuts, and more.

    • Registry Cleanup cleans out and repairs registry issues.

  • Application Accelerator helps you to boost file access speed and increase drive efficiency by re-aligning programs and defragmenting files on your hard drive.

  • Automatic Care helps you automate the maintenance of your computer.

  • File Shredder shreds personal documents to help prevent others from accessing or retrieving them.

  • RAM Reclaimer is designed to help free trapped RAM to help improve your PC's overall speed and stability.

  • Startup Optimizer allows you to easily enable or disable programs from running automatically at startup to help improve speed and performance.

  • Super Control Panel provides you access to hidden Windows settings so you can customize them to meet your needs.

  • System Privacy features help prevent Windows 10 and 11 operating systems from collecting and sharing your user data on your device.

    This feature is only available on Windows 10 or later versions (excluding Windows 10/11 in S mode or Windows running on ARM processor).

  • System Troubleshooter easily accesses hidden Windows troubleshooting tools to resolve issues with programs, hardware, sound devices, internet, and more.

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 04/18/2024