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Clean tools

To access:

From the Toolbox on the navigation pane, click Clean.

What they do:

The Clean tools clean out unneeded files to free up drive space, memory, and other system resources while also protecting your online privacy.

Why use them:

Every time you work on your computer or browse the Internet, files you do not need are saved to your hard drive. Browsing history may also be saved, leaving your privacy unprotected. More unneeded buildup occurs from deleted files accumulating in the Recycle Bin or unneeded file remnants left behind by sudden shutdowns. All this debris clutters your computer and overtaxes its resources.


All-in-One PC Cleanup

  • All-in-one tool to clean out junk files, registry issues, private data and more. Clicking on All-in-One PC Cleanup runs all of the below tools, which can also be run separately by clicking on each.

Internet Cleanup

  • Clean out only Internet junk and private data, such as temporary files, cache, cookies, form autofill data, saved passwords, and more.

Windows Cleanup

  • Clean out only Windows junk and private data, such as temporary files, recent documents list, broken shortcuts, Recycle Bin, and more.

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DOCID: v127375289
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 11/08/2019