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Have you downloaded your product?

After you purchase Norton, make sure that you download it on your devices. Downloading is easy; sign in to Norton, and click Agree & Download.

After the file is downloaded, you may need to double-click it from the downloads folder to start the installation. For detailed instructions, read Download Norton on your device.

You can download it on multiple devices if you have a multi-license product. You can even share with family and friends. If you have many devices, be sure to give each device an easy-to-remember name in Norton.

Are you protected?

After you install, double-click the Norton icon on your Desktop and see if the Norton window appears Green. If the security status of Norton is green, it indicates that your computer is protected.

If the status appears in red or orange, there may be some Norton features which are not enabled or functioning properly. In most cases, clicking the Fix Now button can solve these problems.

Also, make sure that you install the latest updates for your operating system and periodically update all other software programs whenever the vendors release the updates.

Are your kids protected? … and your files and passwords too?

You can use the Norton Password Manager feature to store all your passwords so that you don't have to remember them. Our browser toolbars will securely autofill them when in need.

Norton Security Premium comes with the Norton Family feature, which you can configure to monitor your kids' internet usage. For more information, read Getting started with Norton Family.

Norton Security Premium also comes with the backup feature which you can use to back up your important documents and data.

Looking for your invoice or subscription status?

Sign in to Norton to manage your Norton subscription.

You can download your invoice, see your order history, or update your billing information and email address.

You can download your subscription, manage your devices, view order information, and update your account information.

You can also see the devices that are protected by your Norton subscription, and you can even remove a device to free up space so that you can install on a new device.

Need help?

You can reach out to other users at Norton Community to talk about your Norton product or discuss any other security related topics.

You can also find us at Twitter or Facebook.

And if you have any problem with your Norton subscription, you can always contact Norton Support free.

If your Norton subscription is entitled, you can also contact our Virus Protection Promise support for any help removing a threat.

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Last modified: 06/03/2019