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Fix problem accessing a specific website when connected to Norton Secure VPN

Some websites may have geo-restricted content which do not load when it is accessed through VPN, or may not display the content if it detects any feature that blocks ad-tracking.

You can try connecting to a different region or unblock Ad-tracker feature in Norton Secure VPN.

Connect to a different VPN region

Connect to different VPN region and try to access the website. On your Norton Secure VPN app, in the VPN region or Regions screen, select a different geographic region from the drop-down list.

For example, if you are in Germany and the VPN region is already selected to Germany, then connect to Switzerland or France.

Unblock Ad-tracker feature

To unblock Ad-tracker feature, read Block or unblock Ad Trackers in Norton Secure VPN.

If you can see the website after unblocking the Ad-tracker feature, then you may be accessing it with advertisements that are blocked by Ad-tracker. You can try going to the website directly by typing the URL in the browser. For more information, read Fix problems accessing websites when Ad-tracker is enabled.

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DOCID: v132053419
Operating System: Android;Mac;Windows;iOS
Last modified: 07/22/2022