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App Advisor feature in Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security - App Advisor protects you by warning about the apps installed that can leak personal information, pop-up ads on your device, drain the device battery, and show unusual behaviour. It scans your device by performing a cloud-based Reputation Scan and warns you about the installed apps with a risk summary.

These apps are rated as Privacy Risk, depending on the following behavior:

  • Personal Data Shared - displays information such as Personal account information, Contact details, SIM card details, Settings info, Installed app details, Location, and or Device details when it is shared with the app installed.

  • Ads Displayed - informs you if the app displays advertisements within the app, or push the advertisements to your notification bar, or places advertising icons on your home screen.

  • Background Data Usage - rates the app on its ability to potentially transfer cellular data or consume bandwidth in the background when the app is not in use.

    By design, some Android apps and their dependent services require background data to fully function.

  • Unusual Behaviors Detected - displays information when any unusual activity by an app is noticed on your device.

  • Background Battery Usage - lists the apps that use location data and frequently refresh in the background and may use more battery even when the app is not open.

When you install Norton Mobile Security, during the initial setup, App Advisor automatically scans all the installed apps on your device and warns of risks if any. You can then trust or uninstall the app.

You can also enable the App Advisor for Google Play to automatically scan the app even before you install it from Google Play.

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DOCID: v97499944
Operating System: Android
Last modified: 01/06/2021