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Configure Norton device security settings

The default device security settings provide complete protection for your computer. You need not change the settings unless there is a specific need.

If you want to adjust the settings, you can access most of the features from the Settings window. You can use the On/Off switch to turn on or turn off a feature. For a few features, you must move the slider to your preferred setting. You can also use the Configure option to set up the options of each feature. You can change the product's settings to fit your work environment.

Important pointers:

  • You need to log in to your computer with an Administrator user account to change the product settings.

  • For Standard user accounts, some of the settings may appear disabled (grayed out).

  • If you are an administrator, keep in mind that the changes that you make apply to all users who use the computer.

If you need help with any other issue, contact Member Services and Support.

Video: How do I ensure that my protection settings are turned on?

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DOCID: v5312602
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 09/13/2021