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Availability of Norton Security Toolbar on Google Chrome

The Norton Security Toolbar Chrome extension has been replaced with new extensions:

  • Norton Safe Web: Warns you of potentially unsafe websites, provides website safety ratings, antiphishing protection, and safety annotations in your search results.

  • Norton Password Manager: Provides access to online vaults and password manager features.

    The new extension does not support local vaults. For more information, see End of Support for Norton Password Manager local vault in Google Chrome.

We recommend that you install all available Norton extensions to maximize your online protection. Go to the Browsing Protection page and install all the Norton extensions.

Old Norton Security Toolbar

New Norton Safe Web extension

New Norton Password Manager Extension

Why is this happening?

In the near future, the technology used by Norton Security Toolbar will be discontinued in Google Chrome. Extensions using newer technology will be available to help provide online protection for Norton customers.

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Last modified: 02/19/2019