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Verify that an email you receive from Norton is legitimate

We use email or direct mail to keep you informed about the latest offers, announcements, and product updates from Norton. Norton Affiliates may also send emails or mails about various offers or promotions on Norton products. These may contain trademarked Norton images, but your personal information is not used to send these mails.

Sometimes you may receive mails from scammers claiming that it is from Norton. If you receive suspicious mails that look like it is from us, forward it as an attachment to spam@nortonlifelock.com.

You should never provide personal or confidential information to a sender or webpage that you do not know or trust. If you receive an email and want to verify if it is from Norton, check if the sender's email address is from one of the following domains.

  • @nortonlifelock.com

  • @norton.com

  • @lifelock.com

  • @securenorton.com

  • @secure.norton.com

  • @mail.nortonstore.hk

  • @mail.norton.com

  • @email.norton.com

  • @e-mail.norton.com

  • @identityprotection.norton.com

  • @subscriptions.norton.com

  • @zuberance.com

  • @ifeelgoods.com

You can use your browser search (press Ctrl + F key or Command + F key) and type the domain to see if it is listed here. For example, if you received an email from no-reply@nortonlifelock.com, search this page for "nortonlifelock.com" and see if it is listed.

You might receive email notifications about,

  • Offers from Norton Online Store

  • Notifications from Norton applications

  • Purchase related information

  • Getting started with Norton

  • Feedback surveys

You might receive direct mails if,

  • Your plan is not renewed or installed

  • Norton account email is no longer active

  • Billing failures and renewal reminders

  • Offers and promotions

This is intended as guidance only, and the information about these emails or direct mails from Norton may change at any time. It is possible that an email or mail sent by Norton or other NortonLifeLock brands may not have all the features described in this document. It is also possible that an email or mail contains all the features described here, but not be from Norton. If you cannot verify the authenticity of the communication that you received, you can contact Member Services & Support.

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Last modified: 11/09/2021