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Request a refund for your Norton product purchase

To know more about your refund eligibility, read Norton Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Request refund for Norton subscription purchased from Norton Online Store

To obtain a refund for a subscription that you purchased from the Norton Online Store, contact us here or via live chat (not available in all countries).

Request refund for Norton subscription purchased from a retail store

For Japan only: If you purchased our product from a retail shop in Japan, contact Norton support via live chat. If you purchased our product in the AU shop, read au shop products returns.

Failure to include all required items can cause your refund request to be rejected.

  1. Download, print, and complete the form.
    Please allow six weeks for the refund to be processed.

  2. Photocopy or print an image of the Subscription Key label used to activate your subscription.

    • This is necessary to validate your purchase and prevent the use of the subscription after the refund.

    • For most subscriptions, this is a 25-character key that can be found on a card or CD envelope in the package you purchased.

  3. Photocopy or print an image of the original receipt showing the purchase date and price paid for the subscription.

  4. Send the completed and signed form, a copy of the Subscription Key label, and a copy of the receipt to the address mentioned in the form. The information on how to send is on the form.

    Do not staple or tape your submission items together.

Important notice

In accordance with the License and Services agreement, after you receive your refund the software may automatically deactivate and become non-operational to prevent further use. You must delete all copies of the Software for the subscription that you return.

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