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Fix Norton Password Manager web form autofill problems

Certain websites, primarily banking sites display only the login field or the user name field in the webpage. After you submit the user name, it navigates to the second webpage which contains the password field or both the user name and password fields. These sites are categorized as split page login-based websites.

If the Norton Password Manager does not autofill the web form in a specific website, report it through Norton Feedback.

Configure Norton Password Manager for a split page login

    You can use Norton Password Manager to save your login details only if the website uses a web-based form for the split page login.

  1. Open the website for which you want to save your login.

  2. If the vault is closed, click the Vault is closed option on the web browser.

  3. In the Vault Closed window, type the password and click Open.

  4. Type your login credentials for the website and click Login or Sign in.

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DOCID: v59913692
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 03/06/2020