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Set up App Security and Internet Security features in Norton 360 app on your Android device

You can set up the App Security and Internet Security features on your mobile device to help protect your device from apps that contain risks and online threats. The features include:

  • App Advisor for Google Play: Scans and lets you know if apps contain risks before you install them from Google Play.

  • Real-time Scan: Automatically scans and better protect your device from malware and risky apps.

  • Ransomware Recovery: Scans apps for screen-lock ransomware that locks your device until a payment is made and crypto-ransomware that encrypts valuable content to hold your file hostage.

  • Safe Web: Helps detect and warns you about the fraudulent websites before you visit them.

  • Safe Search: Norton Safe Search displays the Norton Secured rating for a website in search results to help you identify and filter out suspicious sites from your search results.

    Norton Safe Search does not provide a security rating for paid search results (sponsored links) nor does it filter out potentially unsafe sponsored links from the search results.

To use the App Security and Internet Security features, you need to enable the Norton 360 Service on your device. Once you set up the App Advisor for Google Play feature on your device, your Norton 360 app automatically enables the features that include Real-time Scan, Ransomware Recovery, and Safe Web.

You can also use the Your Protection Report card to view the summary of the activities that your Norton 360 app has performed in the last 30 days to protect your device against:

  • Malicious websites

  • Malware and potentially harmful apps

View the Internet Security report card

  1. From the Home screen, launch the Norton 360 app.

  2. At the bottom of the Norton 360 app main screen, tap and pull up the Your Protection Report option.

  3. Under the Internet Security section, you can view the number of safe and malicious websites that Norton 360 has detected.

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DOCID: v137722459
Operating System: Android
Last modified: 07/02/2021