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Get help to resolve your identity theft issue with our Identity Restoration Specialists

Many people would have no idea what to do should their identity be stolen.

Norton 360 Advanced and Norton Identity Advisor Plus subscriptions offer Identity Restoration Specialists to help you each step of the way should you discover you're a victim of identity theft. Our knowledgeable Identity Restoration Specialists can help you resolve your identity theft event. They know the steps you should take and calls you should make to help you resolve your identity theft.

Support Hours: Monday through Friday, 2:00 AM to 12:00 PM NZST.

How can an Identity Restoration Specialist help a customer?

If your identity is compromised, a dedicated Identity Restoration Specialist can help you.
They can:
  • Help you resolve your identity theft case with merchants and other relevant parties, including credit card companies, financial institutions, government agencies or other official parties
  • Make phone calls with you, if permitted (varies by region)
  • Guide you, from your matter's initiation to its resolution

What is the average time of a restoration case?

Each case is individual, so time varies based on how complex the case is. We will assign a dedicated Identity Restoration Specialist to help you with your case from initiation to resolution.

How do I open a restoration case if I am the victim of identity theft?

If you believe you are the victim of identity theft, call 0800 570 503 to open a Restoration case.

What would I do if I have a question about my coverage or policy?

Please raise your enquiry with us and we will make sure someone from AIG will contact you or for full details, terms, and restrictions on the policy you can see nortonlifelock.com/aa/en/legal/

What are the steps in the restoration process¹?

1. File a request: You call our Identity Restoration Specialist to inform us about the potential identity theft.
2. Collect potential identity theft information: The Identity Restoration Specialist will gather the information you provide to open a case.
3. Assistance with merchants and third parties: Our Identity Restoration Specialist will guide you through the process of contacting the merchants to help you resolve your case.
4. Verify closure: Our Identity Restoration Specialist will help guide you through the closure of your case by ensuring you receive the proper release letter from the merchants and third parties. ¹Steps may vary per restoration case.

Are there any (technical and legal) limitations that an Identity Restoration Specialist can help with?

Our Identity Restoration Specialist will assist you with contacting merchants and 3rd parties by providing you contact information or making three-way calls mediation calls with you and the relevant parties, if permitted, but will not make calls or fill out paperwork on your behalf.


For additional information please visit: Learn more about Identity Theft Insurance

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