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Difference between a modem and a modem and router combo device

Your wireless network needs two things:

  • internet access

  • wireless networking capability

Sometimes these are set up with two devices, a modem and a router. Sometimes they are set up using a single device, a gateway or a modem and router combo.

Understanding how your current wireless setup is makes it easy to connect Norton Core.

Two devices: modem and router

The modem connects to a wall outlet to provide access to the internet. The router connects to the modem to enable the wireless network. If this is your setup, keep your modem and simply replace your router with Norton Core.

One device: modem and router combo

A modem and router combo is a single device that provides access to the internet and enables the wireless network. If this is your setup, connect Norton Core to your modem and router combo so that you have two connected devices, the modem and router combo and Norton Core. After you complete your set up, Norton Core notifies you to turn off the wireless networking capability of your modem and router combo device. This allows Norton Core to serve as your only router and assures that all of your network connections are secure.

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Last modified: 11/08/2019