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Set the Norton Core light brightness and understand light states

The Norton Core light indicates the current status of your router and protected network. It can help you diagnose or isolate connectivity problems. Norton Core shows two light colors, amber and white.

Light statuses

  • No light

    Norton Core router is not powered on or light is turned off. Check if the AC adapter is plugged in.

    Check Settings in the Norton Core app to see if the light brightness is set to Off.

  • Blinking white

    Norton Core router is trying to establish an internet connection.

  • Solid white

    Norton Core is connected to the internet and broadcasting WiFi.

  • Blinking/solid amber

    Norton Core is not connected to the internet. An error or problem in connection.

Norton Core lets you adjust the light brightness.

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DOCID: v118380527
Operating System: Android, iOS
Last modified: 06/19/2019