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Learn more about the automatic update for your Norton protection

We are excited to offer you some additional features and benefits at the same price for your device protection. Our renewal prices are always subject to change but don't worry, we send you a notification in advance. If you are eligible for an automatic update, you will receive a notification about the update to the latest Norton protection plans such as Norton 360 or Norton AntiVirus Plus.

If you have received an update notification but yet to get the update, you would get it soon.

Once the update occurs you may notice a new design and additional features when you open your application. Updating to the latest Norton protection brings you enhanced experience and features in addition to your existing features.

No one can prevent all cybercrime.

1 Requires your device to have an internet/data plan and be turned on.

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DOCID: v134611111
Operating System: Windows, mac
Last modified: 09/24/2021