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As you know, the Internet is a great place for homework, communicating with friends and classmates, research, and fun & games. At the same time, hackers and keyloggers use the Internet to steal your personal information and hack your device. They use this information to pose risks to your physical safety and emotional well-being. Your parents have chosen Norton Family to protect you while you are online. This program is installed on your device and guards you from inappropriate contents on the Internet. If your parents haven't talked to you on this, they will soon discuss with you the online safety and some basic "house rules" that you'll need to follow when you use the Internet.

The main house rules you need to know are:

  • DON'T ever chat or email with people you don't know.

  • NEVER give personal information to anyone online. This includes addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, or the name, city, and location of your school.

  • NEVER make plans or agree to meet with anyone in person that you have met online.

  • ALWAYS let a parent know IMMEDIATELY if you receive any message or picture online that makes you feel threatened, scared, or uncomfortable.

  • NEVER provide anyone your passwords.

  • NEVER send out photos of yourself or family members without first checking with a parent.

  • NEVER send out anything to anyone that can be considered hurtful or mean spirited. Don't send out something that will make someone angry, sad, or scared. THINK before you send.

  • DON'T download or install anything on your device until you've OK'd it with a parent. When signing up for a new service, let your parent know! This includes Email accounts and Social Networking sites.

  • DON'T spend money that you don't have. If something has a price, be sure to check with a parent before making the purchase.

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DOCID: v92051324
Operating System: Android;Windows;iOS
Last modified: 07/17/2024