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Recover your Norton account password

Recover your Norton account password

  1. Go to the Norton account Forgot Your Password page.

  2. Type in the email address that you used to purchase or create your Norton account.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. You will receive an email with password reset instructions.

    The message comes from norton@symantec.com.

    If clicking the link does not work, copy and paste this link directly into a web browser.

    If you do not receive the password reset email within a few minutes check your spam or junk folders. You may not receive a recovery email if there is no account under that email address.

    If you still cannot locate the email, then you might have used a different email to create your Norton account. Make sure that the email address you enter is the same as the one that you used to make your Norton product purchase.


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DOCID: kb20100127155754EN
Operating System: Android, Mac OS X, Windows
Last modified: 03/18/2019