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RAM Reclaimer: Maximize Free Memory

To access:

From the Toolbox in the navigation panel, click Speed Up and then click the RAM Reclaimer tool.

What it does:

RAM Reclaimer frees trapped system memory that is not in use by the programs that have captured it, delivering it back into play to increase overall system speed.

Why use it:

A shortage of memory has a significantly negative impact on a computer's performance. Defragmenting reclaims valuable memory and improves PC efficiency, stability, and speed.


After RAM Reclaimer finishes analyzing your computer, click Defragment now to release trapped RAM.

You can run RAM Reclaimer several times in a row to see if additional trapped memory can be freed; once Available RAM stabilizes at a given number of GB, or little or no further Recovered RAM is reported, Exit RAM Reclaimer.

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DOCID: v127375779
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 06/19/2019