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Message: "You Are At Risk"

The appearance of this message may not be due to any threats. Your Norton protection can display this message if:

  • One or more of the security features like Auto-Protect, Firewall, or SONAR are turned off.

  • The definitions are not up-to-date.

  • The routine scan has not completed

  • Subscription is expired. In this case, most of the security features are disabled.

When you see this alert on the product, click Fix Now.

Depending on the security status of your computer, Norton tries to turn on the feature that is disabled, or tries to update the definitions, or run a scan. If your subscription is expired, you are prompted to renew the subscription.

If Norton cannot fix the problem with the feature, or cannot run LiveUpdate or a scan, you may see a different error in the Fix Now window.

Depending on the feature that is failed or the exact problem that you see, select one of the following:

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DOCID: v119294825
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 07/28/2020