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Upgrade your Norton product

If you have an active subscription, you can upgrade your current Norton product to the latest version without any cost.

To check for the availability of new version, on the Norton product main window, click Help > New Version Check. If a new version is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download the new product. NortonLifeLock recommends that you have the latest version of the product, as it contains new and enhanced features for better protection against security threats.

After successful download, your Norton product prompts you for seamless installation. Ensure that you have saved all your important data such as pictures and financial records before you install the new version of the product.

On the completion of upgrade, your subscription status remains the same as your previous version of product. For example, you have 200 days of subscription left with your current version of product and you upgrade your product to the latest version. In this case, the subscription status of your upgraded product remains 200 days only.

The upgrade process might not work if your browser is incompatible to communicate with the Norton servers. The supported browsers are Internet Explorer 11 or later, Chrome 30 or later, Firefox 27 or later, Safari 7 or later, and Opera 17 or later.

Product upgrade is different from the protection updates that are processed by LiveUpdate. The main differences are as follows:

  • Product upgrade lets you download and install a new version of the entire product.

  • Protection updates are the files that keep your Norton product up to date with the latest antithreat technology.

Even if you have the latest version, always ensure that you have all the latest protection updates. LiveUpdate automates the process of obtaining and installing protection updates. You can run LiveUpdate or turn on Automatic LiveUpdate to obtain the latest updates.

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Last modified: 01/06/2021