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Intrusion Prevention relies on this list of attack signatures to detect and block suspicious activities. If you are confident that an attack signature matches the benign activity, you can uncheck the signature from the list to exclude the signature from monitoring.

Each exclusion that you create leaves your computer vulnerable to attacks.

In some cases, benign network activity can appear to be similar to an attack signature. You might receive repeated notifications about possible attacks. If you know that the attacks that trigger these notifications are safe, you can uncheck Notify me option corresponding to the individual signature. If you chose not to receive notifications, you can still view attacks that Norton blocked in your security history.

If your Norton product detects a particular attack signature repeatedly as malicious, your Norton product suggests you to run Norton Power Eraser to scan and fix the attack signature.

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DOCID: v1274828
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 09/06/2023