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If you purchased a Norton product from an au shop and wish to make a refund, you can apply for a refund online. Norton has a money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchasing your annual product.

Please review for 60 days Money-back guarantee policy as follows:

  • The money back guarantee system is only applicable for applications made within 60 days from the date of product purchase.
  • Requests for returns, refunds, and cancellations on this site apply only to packaged products purchased from KDDI distributors. Licenses purchased from other resellers or through online agreements will not be accepted.
  • Refunds can be requested by the purchaser himself/herself. You cannot apply for a refund for the same product for one year from the date of application.
  • Applications that lack evidence such as purchase certificates/receipts, product license information (registration number/serial number), or other application information will not be accepted.

In addition, customers using annual subscription products can switch to monthly subscription products after the contract period expires. If you wish to cancel, please check How to cancel a Norton monthly product purchased at an au shop and check the automatic renewal setting.

*Please note that products that have been transferred to the monthly version are not eligible for refunds.

If you would like to process an online refund, after registering, please proceed to the online login page.
Please note that Norton product usage registration is required to apply for a refund.

Go to the refund application site

The following information is required for application, so please have it ready in advance.

  • Receipt at the time of purchase
  • The registration number printed on the package
  • Identification documents

If you haven’t registered (activated) the Norton product yet

  1. Access the Activate screen from the QR code on the package.
  2. Enter your mobile number and click Activate License.
    Activation screen
  3. Click Send on the Confirmation mobile number screen.
    Confirmation screen
    *If you want to receive the verification code by phone, click Receive verification code by phone number instead of SMS under Send. You will receive a call and will be notified of the verification code.
    Confirmation screen
    *If you did not receive the verification code, click Resend verification code. If you do not receive the authentication code even after resending it twice, you will be taken to the Register mobile number screen, and then enter your mobile number twice and click Register. Then move to Step 5.
  4. Click Do not extend automatically on the transition screen.
    Sample alt text
  5. The license information screen will be displayed. Click the Person mark at the top of the screen. The money-back guarantee menu is displayed.
    License information screen

Application on the online refund website(Receipt and Identification documents are required)

  1. Go to the online refund site https://au.pismo.tech/login.
  2. After entering your registered mobile number, select how you would like to receive the verification code. Receive by short mail or Receive by voice call. Once you receive the verification code, enter the code and click Login.
    Sample alt text
    Sample alt text
  3. Click Person Mark at the top of the license information screen.
    License information screen
  4. Click Money-Back-Guarantee on My page.
    Money-Back-Guarantee on My page
  5. Please read “Money-Back Guarantee policy" and check the box after you read.
  6. Click “Apply refund” on the Money-Back-Guarantee page.
  7. Enter the email address where you will receive the application URL and click Apply. The system will send you an email with the application URL.
    • Title: Norton 60days Money-Back-Guarantee Service application information
    • Sender: Norton 60days Money-Back Guarantee Service office no-reply@pismo.tech
      It will be sent within 1 minute after you enter your email address.
  8. Click the application URL provided in the email above.
  9. The Money-back Guarantee application screen will open. Enter the following information.
    • Email address
    • Name
    • Furigana
    • Date of Birth
    • ZIP Code
    • Address
    • Registration number
    • Purchase shop name
    • Reason for refund
  10. Take a picture of the information required for the application and attach them. Please read the notices carefully on the refund website.
    • Receipt at the time of purchase
    • The registration number is printed on the package
      Registration number printed on the package
    • Copy of 2 identification documents
      Identification document 1
      Identification document 2
  11. After completing the above input, click confirm.
  12. The completion notification screen will be displayed, so please have “the authentication code” in handy.
    Sample alt text
    If the authentication code is not displayed at the end of the completion page, click " Go to My page" and click ”Money-Back- Guarantee”, then lastly click "application history". Please see here for the details.
  13. You will receive an email with your application result. (Application approval or rejection)
    • Title: One of the following
      • Norton 60-days money-back guarantee service application acceptance completion information
      • Norton 60 days money-back guarantee service application information.
    • Sender: Norton 60 days money-back guarantee service office no-reply@pismo.tech
      About 3-5 business days after application (It may change depending on the degree of congestion).

Registration detailed information on the GMO payment site

  1. If your refund request is approved, you will be notified by email regarding the process.
    • Title: Information regarding payment process /payment deadline: 202X/XX/XX
    • Sender: Norton 60 days money-back guarantee service office <noreply@gmo-pg.com>
      About 3-5 business days after application (It may change depending on the degree of congestion).
  2. Click the receiving account registration URL in the email to display the GMO payment site.
  3. If you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the receiving method, please proceed to the input page.
    The following information is required.
    • Bank name(Domestic bank can be selected)
    • Branch name
    • Account type(Futsuu or Touza can be selected)
    • Account number
    • Account name
    • Authentication code
  4. After receiving your information, we will process the refund within 5 to 14 business days.
    The name of the transfer is “GMO-PG remittance service”. We will not charge the bank transfer fee.
*Please be careful not to enter the account information incorrectly. If the information is incorrect, you will need to apply again.

If you can’t find the email for your money-back guarantee service application

If you can’t find the email in your junk folder/SPAM folder, please add the following email address to your receiving list in the junk email filter settings.
  • Email address:no-reply@pismo.tech
  • Email address:noreply@gmo-pg.com
Reference:迷惑メール対策 >迷惑メールフィルター設定>受信リスト設定 

Need to reconfirm the authentication code required for information registration with GMO payment 

  1. Go to the online refund site https://au.pismo.tech/login.
  2. After entering your mobile phone number, select how you would like to receive your verification code, enter your verification code, and log in.
  3. Click “Person Mark” at the top right of the license information screen.
    License information screen
  4. Click “Money-Back-Guarantee” on My page.
  5. Click “Check application history” to check the authentication code.
    Sample alt text

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