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Norton Mobile Security features

Benefits for you:

    • Protection against digital threats like risky apps

    • Controls to safeguard your online privacy

    • Single subscription for multiple devices

Key features for Android phones or tablets

    To install Norton Mobile Security on your Android device, you need to have Android 6.x or later.

    • System Advisor

      Alerts you about operating system threats and security certificates that allow attackers to access your device and your data.

    • Wi-Fi Security

      Scans and identify compromised networks and networks under attack so you can reconnect to secure networks.

    • Protective Anti-malware Blocker:

      Prevents apps with malware and viruses from being installed on your device before you download from Google Play

    • Intrusive Adware App Advisor

      Lets you know if apps contain intrusive adware before you download from Google Play

    • Antiphishing Web Protection:

      Protects against online scams by blocking fraudulent websites

    • Malware Protection:

      Scans and removes apps with viruses, spyware, and other threats

    • Ransomware Protection:

      Protects against ransomware attacks.

    • Call & Text Blocker:

      Protects against annoying calls and mobile spam

    • Spam & Fraud Alerts

      Identify and block suspicious spam or fraudulent calls that you receive on your device.

      Spam & Fraud Alerts feature is available only in US and India region.

    • Privacy Advisor

      Automatically scans apps and lets you see privacy risks before you download them from Google Play

    • Privacy Report Interactive Map

      Shows where in the world personal information might be shared

    • Safe Search

      Protects your device and your personal data from malicious sites that install ransomware, trojans, and other threats

Web Protection feature requires stable Internet connection to work effectively.

Key features for iPhones or iPads

    To install Norton Mobile Security on your iOS device, you need to have iPhones or iPads running the current and previous two versions of Apple iOS.

    • Operating System alerts:

      Alerts you when your device's operating system is out of date.

    • Web Protection:

      Detects and warns you about fraudulent website before you visit them.

    • Wi-Fi Security:

      Uses advanced scanning to identify compromised networks and networks under attack so you can reconnect to secure networks.

    • Passcode detection alert:

      Alerts you if you have not set passcode for your device to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.

    • Identity Theft Protection:

      Identity Theft Protection is a service that monitors your personal information and alerts you if suspicious activity is detected.

      This option is available only for users subscribed to Norton 360 that includes Dark Web Monitoring1 or full LifeLock2 ID Theft Protection. This option is not available for all regions.

      1Norton 360 with Dark Web Monitoring plans do not monitor as many types of personal information as plans with Norton 360 with full LifeLock ID Theft Protection.

      2LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

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Operating System: Android, iOS
Last modified: 08/20/2020