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Uninstall Norton for Mac

Depending on your Norton product, follow the steps in one of the following sections:

Uninstall Norton for Mac 7.x or later

  1. In the Applications folder, double-click Norton product.

  2. On the menu bar, next to the Apple icon, click Norton Security, and then select Uninstall Norton product.

    You need to be in the Norton product window to get to the menu options.

  3. In the Uninstall Norton product confirmation window, click Uninstall.

  4. Type your administrator account name and password, and then click Install Helper.

  5. In the uninstaller window, click Restart Now.

Uninstall older versions of Norton for Mac

  1. In the Applications folder, open the Symantec Solutions folder, and then double-click Symantec Uninstaller.

  2. In the Uninstall Symantec Products window, select the check box next to the Norton applications that you want to uninstall.

  3. Click Uninstall.

  4. Confirm that you want to delete the product.

  5. In the Authenticate window, type your administrator account password, and then click Ok.

  6. In the window that displays the list of deleted items, click Close.

  7. Click Restart.

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Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS
Last modified: 06/03/2019